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We have solutions for your battery needs.

Customized solutions

We supply individual lead, nickel and lithium batteries. We can also deliver complete energy storage solutions including batteries, rectifiers, racks and installation.

Vehicles and machines

Advanced battery technologies can save considerable energy in electric and hybrid cars. We offer the latest technology to achieve optimum performance.

Electric and telecommunications networks

We supply UPS and local batteries as well as power supply systems and energy storages for various areas of infrastructure such as energy production and distribution companies, industry, telecom companies and railways.

Other industries

With our expertise and extensive range of products, we can choose the most suitable technology and product for each purpose.


We deliver reliable and safe batteries and backup power sources for critical medical applications.

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry has its own special needs. We offer a number of solutions that are suitable for different production methods in order to make the final product as cost-effective as possible.


We design and deliver battery solutions – whether your need is for hundreds, thousands or millions of units.

Security and alarm devices

Battery solutions for diverse monitoring systems and alarm devices must take into account multiple usage challenges such as varying weather conditions or device size.