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We take every battery and accumulator project seriously. In addition to having in-depth knowledge of the sector, we are always looking to understand the customer’s application and conditions; whether the solution should be as economical as possible or whether the aim is to go for durability. This way we can each select the most competitive product for any application.

Our global network of partners gives us access to the products of global leaders and the latest accumulator and battery technology. We have comprehensive knowledge of products on the market, their strengths, weaknesses and applications.

Other solutions

Customized solutions

We supply individual lead, nickel and lithium batteries. We can also deliver complete energy storage solutions including batteries, rectifiers, racks and installation.

Vehicles and machines

Advanced battery technologies can save considerable energy in electric and hybrid cars. We offer the latest technology to achieve optimum performance.

Electric and telecommunications networks

We supply UPS and local batteries as well as power supply systems and energy storages for various areas of infrastructure such as energy production and distribution companies, industry, telecom companies and railways.