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At your service, at full capacity

At your service, at full capacity

Celltech has pioneered battery innovations for years. We have participated in designing numerous customer-specific battery solutions that represent the absolute pinnacle of technical innovations.

It is advisable to utilise our expertise at the very beginning of the design process. We are well-versed in standards and regulatory requirements. Designing circuit boards for control electronics, correct placement of battery cells, safety during use and charging operations, measuring and optimisation all contribute to the final product.

If necessary, we can verify the accuracy of the required values via laboratory testing, ensuring that the solution can handle the required conditions and more. We also perform life cycle testing to support calculations done during product development stage.

We are the right partner for projects involving a hundred, a thousand or even a million units. We ensure a prudent flow of materials, even if the product requires manufacturing of elements in several places at once.

Other solutions

Customized solutions

We supply individual lead, nickel and lithium batteries. We can also deliver complete energy storage solutions including batteries, rectifiers, racks and installation.

Vehicles and machines

Advanced battery technologies can save considerable energy in electric and hybrid cars. We offer the latest technology to achieve optimum performance.

Electric and telecommunications networks

We supply UPS and local batteries as well as power supply systems and energy storages for various areas of infrastructure such as energy production and distribution companies, industry, telecom companies and railways.