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Manufacturing industry

Batteries from all over the world to a global customer base

The manufacturing industry has very specific requirements for battery packs. We provide packs for various production methods, ensuring a prudent, flexible and cost-efficient manufacturing process. Reducing unnecessary packing and unpacking in various production stages benefits everyone, especially the environment. We can also provide customised, product-specific packages that are optimised to the client’s process.

Our global network of partners gives us access to the products of global leaders and the latest accumulator and battery technology. We have comprehensive knowledge of products on the market, their strengths, weaknesses and applications, and we can verify any indicated values through in-house testing.

We are happy to help our clients develop, and we prefer joining up sooner than later. By developing the battery solution during the planning stage we can increase the success rate.

There is no need to re-invent the battery every time. Utilise Celltech’s experience and speed up your product development and launch.

Other solutions

Customized solutions

We supply individual lead, nickel and lithium batteries. We can also deliver complete energy storage solutions including batteries, rectifiers, racks and installation.

Vehicles and machines

Advanced battery technologies can save considerable energy in electric and hybrid cars. We offer the latest technology to achieve optimum performance.

Electric and telecommunications networks

We supply UPS and local batteries as well as power supply systems and energy storages for various areas of infrastructure such as energy production and distribution companies, industry, telecom companies and railways.