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Celltech contribute to more environmental friendly airports

Will a battery powered aircraft tractor be able to tow a gigantic long haul aircraft. Of course! Peter Fischer at Celltech will tell us how this is feasible.
– This has been an educational and an inspiring project and I am very satisfied with the final solution, says Peter Fischer, Production Manager, Celltech Standard Batteries.

Minimize the pollution

The entire air transport industry as well as all the airports have very strict demands on minimizing the pollution these days. The goal is to ensure as a sustainable operation as possible. Kalmar Motor have procured a brand new type of hybrid-airplane tractor, powered by batteries, which are being charged by a small diesel engine. The solution was developed by Celltech in co-operation with the cell manufacturer, Valence.

– The challenge was to find a battery solution, which could work as the same time as the security was an important issue, says Mats Petersson, Kalmar Motor’s MD.

It is profitable to be environmental conscious

In liaison with Celltech, Kalmar Motor selected a solution containing modules with 18 battery blocks in each one and which thereafter may be multiplied, all depending on the size of the tractor. The Valence batteries are constructed by Lithium-Iron Phosphate cells which are considerable safer that other lithium chemistries, for example when it comes to high temperatures or mechanical issues.

– Using this battery solution the tractors are able to tow all sorts of aircraft, from small domestic aircraft to big long haul airplane, Peter Fischer says. The power in the electric engine of the tractor is the same as a bit diesel engine, but the total impact on the environment is minimal and the cost for running the equipment is very low.

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Medical Technology

Imagine standing in an ambulance driving 100 km/hour where the vehicle swings and lurches.