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R&D Product Development

The way we work


Celltech product development process for customer driven battery solutions – this is how we work, together with our customers and dedicated partners. 

Celltech Group R&D

Celltech is serving customers across the globe with dedicated R&D teams. With R&D centers in Sweden and China for ensure customer driven product development. And of course we have our own product development process when developing customized battery solutions.

Celltech dedicated R&D teams

Celltech has a resourceful team of our own engineers, close to market and dedicated to customer driven projects. And of course a well established partner network in the Nordics, in China and worldwide.

In-house design and development capabilites

Definition of battery systems specification

Helps you find the right battery, tailored for your needs. Including choice of chemistry, life cycle, size, price and environmental profile.

Mechanical conceptual design and industrializing of plastic and metal

Workshop with our in-house Celltech employed engineers to design and create your product.

Battery systems electronics design

Design and create full custom Battery Management System (BMS) for your application or other electronics.

In-house prototyping – for fast Time-to-Market

Rapid prototyping

Visualize your ideas and make prototypes in various materials to closely mimic the characteristics of the finished product

Cell pack and full battery pack prototype builds

Our engineers assemble your prototype cell pack from cell spot welding with copper or nickel tabs to the fitting of safety/monitoring electronics inside a casing

Testing and Certification

Celltech designs and adapts products for different types of certifications, and for different types of regulatory requirements that exist on the world market. That includes cell tests, environmental tests and EMC tests.

Full production capabilities – with full scalability

Celltech has production capabilities with own production in Sweden and China.

Full supplier responsibility. Able to perform proper supplier audits and quality assurance work.

Our promise – to always offer our customers the best possible solution.