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Saft is a leading manufacturer of nickel-based batteries for aerospace, railway, local and security use. In addition, Saft develops high-tech lithium-ion batteries for renewable energy storages and various telecom applications.

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SAFT – Nife Nickel cadmium batteries

SAFT’s NiCd battery is the most reliable battery type available. These batteries are used to ensure safe operation in demanding applications. Saft Nife NiCd batteries combine exceptionally good electrical properties with a very strong physical structure. The wide range of products offers the right battery for every requirement of different applications.

The advantages of NiCd batteries include a very long service life (over 20 years in stationary use), low life cycle costs, low need for maintenance, durable design, reliability (no sudden crash) and a wide operating temperature range (-50 °C to +70 °C).

The most common application for NiCd batteries is local use e.g. substations, alarm and emergency lighting systems, railways, solar systems, telecom and aircraft batteries.

Battery types:

  • SPH

    • Diesel start and UPS
    • For short discharge times
  • Uptimax

    • Maintenance-free recombination
    •  For discharge times of 30 minutes and more
  • Sunica.plus

    • Batteries for solar applications, extreme long life
    • Operating temperature range -50 °C to +70 °C
    • Over 10 000 cycle 15% DOD
  • Block batteries (SBLE, SBM, SBH)

    • Robust pocket-plate batteries for general use.
    • Can be delivered non-activated, without fluid for long term storage.