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Tadiran Batteries Gmbh is a European lithium battery manufacturer. Established in 1984, Tadiran has been developing high quality, safe lithium battery solutions for industrial applications for over 25 years.

Tadiran’s light and safe lithium batteries are widely used around the world. Batteries have low self-discharge and high capacity, which ensures reliability in various applications. Batteries have a wide operating temperature range of -55 °C to +85 °C.

Prod. No
Jännite (V)
Voltage (V)
Kapasiteetti (Ah)
Capacity (Ah)
P x L x K (mm)
L x W x H (mm)
Paino (g)
Weight (g)
Data Sheet
360-8015SL-750/T, 1/2AA3,6V1,1Ah14,7 x 251090
360-8020SL-750/S, 1/2AA3,6V1,1Ah14,7 x 251090
360-8250SL-750/P, 1/2AA*3,6V1,1Ah14,7 x 251025
360-8030SL-760/S, AA3,6V2,2Ah14,7 x 50,51845
360-8035SL-760/T, AA3,6V2,2Ah14,7 x 50,51845
360-8060SL-760/P, AA*3,6V2,2Ah14,7 x 50,51825
360-8062SL-761/S, 2/3AA3,6V1,5Ah14,7 x 33,51375
360-8063SL-761/T, 2/3AA3,6V1,5Ah14,7 x 33,51375
360-8065SL-2770/S, C3,6V8,5Ah26,3 x 50,55030
360-8070SL-2770/T, C3,6V8,5Ah26,3 x 50,55040
360-8080SL-2780/S, D3,6V19Ah33 x 61,59320
360-8085SL-2780/T, D3,6V19Ah33 x 61,59330
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