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Saft is a major supplier of lithium batteries for the electronics and defence industries. In addition, Saft develops high-tech lithium-ion batteries for renewable energy storages and various telecom applications.

Saft offers extremely durable lithium batteries in sizes AA to D for industrial and other demanding uses. Batteries are supplied in bulk packages for large consumers.

Prod. No
Jännite (V)
Voltage (V)
Kapasiteetti (Ah)
Capacity (Ah)
P x L x K (mm)
L x W x H (mm)
Paino (kg)
Weight (kg)
Data Sheet
LS26500 CNR C-koko /JK3,6V7,7 Ah26 x 50,44830
360-1215LS17330 Lithium 2/3A-koko3,6V2,1 Ah16,5 x 33,414.430
360-2140LS17500 CNR Lithium A-koko / JK3,6V3,6 Ah17,1 x 50,921.924
360-2145LS17500 Lithium A-koko3,6V3,6 Ah17,1 x 50,921.930
360-8022LS 14250 1/2AA3,6V1,2 Ah14,55 x 25,158.950
360-8031LS 14500 AA3,6V2,6 Ah14,55 x 50,316.730
360-8036LS 14500 CNA AA*3,6V2,6 Ah14,55 x 50,316.720
360-8081LS 33600 D-koko3,6V17 Ah33,4 x 61,69020
360-8082LSH 14 C-koko3,6V5,8 Ah26 x 50,45130
360-8083LSH 20 D-koko3,6V13 Ah33,4 x 61,610020
360-8084LS 26500 C-koko3,6V7,7 Ah26 x 50,44830
360-8086LS 33600 CNA Lithium D-koko*3,6V17 Ah33,4 x 61,69020
360-8087LSH14CNR C-koko /JK3,6V5,8 Ah26 x 50,45120
360-8088LSH20CNR D-koko / JK3,6V13 Ah33,4 x 61,610020
360-8090LS 33600CNR Lithium D-koko /JK3,6V17 Ah33,4 x 61,69020
360-8251LS 14250 CNA 1/2AA*3,6V1,2 Ah14,55 x 25,158.920