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Energy Storage

Energy storage solutions for various purposes

Energy storages are generally used to store energy for later use or in case of disturbances. In addition, energy storage is essential in energy production facilities and other sites where continuous power supply is critically important. We offer customised solutions according to customer needs and standard products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Energy storage in renewable energy production

Battery energy storage systems are essential to smart and distributed energy infrastructures and have become an integral part of renewable energy production. Furthermore, since our electricity system must always be balanced in terms of production and consumption, electricity storage is needed to support the increasing and variable output of renewable energy.

Applications and benefits of battery storage

Examples of uses for battery storage are balancing production and consumption in the short term, backup power, helping to restore network operation after disruptions, long-term storage, optimisation of network investments and network frequency control. In addition, it is becoming standard for battery storage to be used for several different functions simultaneously.

Customised energy storage solutions according to customer needs

We deliver standard and customised solutions for indoor and outdoor energy storage. We are supplier-independent and design energy storage solutions in cooperation with our customers. The systems are delivered turnkey if necessary, and our energy storage specialists take care of system maintenance.

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Sizing Energy Storage

How do you correctly size your battery energy storage? Proper sizing is key to the functionality, suitability, and safety of the battery energy storage.

How to size your energy storage optimally?