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Batteries, Power Supply and Energy Storage

Battery solutions

We supply batteries and battery systems for the needs of industry and production. We know different battery chemistries and also implement customised battery solutions.

We approach battery solutions holistically, considering the entire life cycle of the battery. We use the Celltech Lifecycle model to ensure our battery solutions are safe, durable and performance-optimised.

Contact us when you are looking for a reliable battery system or energy storage!

Power Supply Solutions and Energy Storage

We deliver power supply systems and energy storage for many applications.

Our energy storage solutions are also suitable for use in power plants, for example, to smooth out consumption peaks, shift the load and act as backup power. With the help of our software solutions, it is possible to monitor and manage the performance of energy storage remotely.

We also offer full support for the product’s life cycle, from specification to recycling. Our experienced engineers design cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ quality and safety requirements.