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Power solutions

Celltech is a major supplier of battery and power supply and inverter systems for telecom and communications operators. We deliver high quality and reliable systems and accumulators all at once.

We also provide batteries – standard, IP-rated and medically approved – according to use, for example in electric wheelchairs, boats, cleaning machines and alarm systems.

CE+T is a leading provider of modular inverter solutions worldwide. CE+T develops and markets modular inverter systems that can supply critical AC loads and secure their operation even during power outages. Typical targets are telecommunication, industrial applications and renewable energy production such as wind and solar energy. We provide modular, highly efficient AC and DC solutions to ensure the cleanliness and continuity of your company’s electricity supply.

With modular systems, you can easily extend your system as needed and perform maintenance tasks safely. CE+T inverter systems are designed to fit 19”and 23” device racks, making installation on existing systems easy.

Celltech is part of the Preferred Partner Program for CE+T products.

Benning offers powerful DC power systems for industrial use. Celltech Oy is the official importer of Benning products in Finland. We offer our customers fast delivery, readily available spare parts and service, as well as customized system solutions for customers’ needs.



Vertiv 48 VDC power systems have the most advanced technology in the industry. Powerful high-efficiency modules and organized and unique ILM (Intelligent Load Management) systems provide customers with the power to efficiently power a telecom station.

Celltech offers product training, spare parts maintenance and commissioning when needed.