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SAFT accumulators

Saft is a leading manufacturer of nickel-based batteries for aerospace, railway, local and security use. In addition, Saft develops high-tech lithium-ion batteries for renewable energy storages and various telecom applications.

SAFT – Nife Nickel cadmium batteries

SAFT’s Ni-Cd battery is the most reliable battery available. These batteries are used to ensure safe operation in demanding applications. Saft Nife Ni-Cd batteries combine exceptionally good electrical properties with a very strong physical structure. The wide range of products offers the right battery for every requirement of different applications.

The advantages of Ni-Cd batteries include a very long service life (over 20 years in local use), low life cycle costs, low need for maintenance, durable design, reliability (no sudden crash) and a wide operating temperature range (-50 °C to +70 °C).

The most common application for Ni-Cd batteries is local use e.g. substations, alarm and emergency lighting systems, railways, solar systems, telecom and aircraft batteries.


Battery types:

• Diesel start and UPS with short discharge times.

• Maintenance-free recombination.
• For discharge times of 30 minutes and more.

• Batteries for solar applications, extreme long life.
• Operating temperature range -50 °C to +70 °C
•  Over 10 000 cycle 15% DOD

Block batteries (SBLE, SBM, SBH)
• Robust pocket-plate batteries for general use.
• Can be delivered non-activated, without fluid for long term storage.