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Change. We are living under constant change. Certain changes are unfolding before our very eyes, while some remain farther off – unseen, unheard. Some will guide us towards a simpler and brighter future, while some will challenge us to the very core of our being.

As Stephen Hawking once said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Our future will be determined by how we face these changes: some will be inevitable, while others will allow us to serve as trailblazers and pioneers.

Pure efficiency

Celltech operates at the very heart of industrial electrification. We want to jumpstart the future by developing increasingly efficient battery solutions for increasingly modern products. More and more companies are announcing their plans for becoming carbon neutral, and our selection of battery solutions provides them with the opportunity for achieving this objective.

Shifting away from fossil fuels is an investment in the future, and it is one that will benefit both the environment and your bottom line. The field of modern battery solutions has now reached a level where its technological efficiency and price can truly meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Sustainable profitability

We have modelled our sustainability programme after the policies set by our parent company, Addtech AB. Our vision, which will guide us to the year 2030, focuses on sustainable profitability. We do not intend to change how we do business just for the sake of our planet – instead, we want to adapt to new demands and embrace the numerous possibilities before us. Electrification, renewable energy, smart cities and homes, 5G, automation, energy storage solutions, the circular economy… new business opportunities are cropping up wherever you look. The sooner we begin our journey of change, the easier it will be for us to lead the pack.

Our sustainability vision for 2030 and how we will achieve it

Celltech’s sustainability vision for 2030 is encapsulated by the following development targets:

  • Every facet of our group will work to promote sustainable development
  • Halving our carbon footprint
  • Ensuring that 80% of our procurements follow our Code of Conduct
  • Promoting women to 40% of leadership positions

We intend to achieve our goals through various means, for example by using less air freight, optimising how much energy every process consumes, and utilising renewable energy sources and recyclable materials.

The sourcing of battery minerals is also rife with challenges that we aim to address from every angle. The key factor in these efforts is a transparent supply chain that includes only the most reliable suppliers. By adopting an increasingly systematic approach to how we supervise our operations, we will be able to increase the openness of our production chain. The principles presented in our Code of Conduct will guide everything we do here at Celltech, and we will require our partners to follow our principles by including them in every contract we sign.

Our approach to responsibility also includes looking after the occupational health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees. The proportion of female graduates in our field remains small, which is evident in the share of male candidates who apply for each new job. Our field will need to work together to make it increasingly attractive to as many people as possible. Celltech provides prospective employees with an interesting, challenging, and inspiring work environment, which makes us stand out in the relatively young yet increasingly competitive field of modern battery solutions.

The Power of Change

Each of these aspects is part of a larger, global change process that will make our future more developed, comfortable, and sustainably profitable. Celltech wants to boost the electrification of industry as well as the business of our clients by serving as a powerful source of change. From now on, we will always truly embrace The Power of Change.

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