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Celltech expands to new premises in Tampere

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Celltech, Finland’s leading manufacturer of battery systems, has expanded its production to a new factory in Lahdesjärvi, Tampere. At the same time, the company will start up the serial production of battery systems for industrial vehicles. The factory will also include an Engineering & Development Centre (EDC) serving Celltech locations in six countries.

Last year, Celltech focused on creating a strong foundation for the future. The global trend of industrial electrification is bringing actors together to strive towards more efficient and cleaner production.

“Our customers include leading European industrial companies that are currently tackling the challenge of vehicle electrification. In their projects, the electrification of work machinery is proceeding even faster than they originally expected. We now have unlimited opportunities for our export goals in global markets – such as in the mining, port, forestry machine and robotics industries,” says Kim Nikitin, CEO of Celltech Solutions Oy.

More space and jobs

This move is the second phase of Celltech’s growth plan.

“Things have progressed in line with our development plan. As we’re now moving into both product development and serial production, we need larger premises. We’re already planning to build an extension on the property. Our lessor is actively involved in these plans,” says Kim Nikitin.

“With regard to the premises, our goals and those of Celltech are in excellent alignment. We wanted a committed lessee – and at the same time we can build additional space for them on the same plot,” says the pleased Timo Lehtonen from LTT Kiinteistöt Oy.

Celltech also needs more space for its ever-growing number of employees.

“Thanks to last year’s recruitment campaign, we gained about 20 experienced professionals for our product development. We’re currently seeking new hires for product development, sales and production. This year and the next, we’ll employ 50-80 people at our factory in Tampere. In addition, we’ll cooperate with many local companies and educational institutions in business, teaching and trainee projects,” says Nikitin.

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