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Balance and security of supply to electrical grids

Battery energy storage has become an integral part of the product range related to renewable energy. It is needed to support the varying and increasing renewable energy production, as production and consumption must always be in balance in our electricity system. Maintenance reliability issues have also come up recently.

The global energy storage market is growing at a double-digit rate, and rapid growth is estimated to continue. Battery prices have fallen sharply, and battery technology is constantly developing. Battery energy storage is an easily scalable and quickly adjustable option for storing energy, and it can be used for many purposes. Due to its many advantages, energy storage will be part of the toolbox of an increasing amount of energy producers and energy users in the future.

Celltech is Finland’s leading battery systems designer, importer, and manufacturer, supplying energy storage for power plants and industrial use. “We have battery solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Together with our partners, we take care of sizing the energy storage and, if needed, connecting it to the grid,” says Anders Blomqvist, CEO of Celltech Oy.

Short-term balancing of production and consumption, backup power, helping to restore network operation after disruptions, long-term storage, optimisation of network investments and network frequency control are all examples of energy storage uses. Nowadays, it is common to use battery energy storage for several different purposes simultaneously.

Power plant and industrial-grade energy storages are currently mostly based on lithium-based battery cells. Their advantages are energy density, long cycle life, good heat tolerance, safety, and little need for maintenance.

“We have extensive experience with different battery technologies and know lithium-ion batteries well. From Celltech, the customer receives the entire energy storage system. We also take care of commissioning of warehouses, maintenance and user training, as well as battery recycling,” says Blomqvist.

Battery energy storages help to bring balance and security of supply to our electricity system. They are rapidly becoming an essential element in our diversifying energy production.

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