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-we know batteries

We know batteries

Celltech is the leading battery supplier in the Nordic region for professional users with local presence and global reach, we find the optimal solutions for each B2B customers' needs. Celltech is ISO 9001 certified and is currently represented throughout the Nordic region and in China.

We know batteries


Celltech to open a battery factory in Tampere, Finland

Celltech is responding to the growing trend of industrial electrification with a multimillion-euro investment in production capacity. The new factory will focus on battery systems for industrial vehicles and include an Engineering & Development Centre (EDC) serving all units of Celltech. The project will create jobs for dozens of people in Tampere.  Celltech, Finland's leading [...]

We are recruiting! Tampere, Finland

We are now taking the next steps in expanding operations within the industrial vehicle segment and are establishing an Engineering & Development Center (EDC) to our new battery systems factory at Tampere, Finland. The EDC will focus on developing battery systems to industrial vehicles supporting our global clients in their electrification and sustainability strategies. To [...]

Enhance your business by embracing The Power of Change

Change. We are living under constant change. Certain changes are unfolding before our very eyes, while some remain farther off – unseen, unheard. Some will guide us towards a simpler and brighter future, while some will challenge us to the very core of our being. As Stephen Hawking once said, “Intelligence is the ability to [...]

6.2.2019 – Cyclist doesn’t fear cold or darkness

Team Rynkeby's Niklas – The energetic diary Celltech sponsoroi Team Rynkebytä, jonka jäsenet osallistuvat urheilulliseen hyväntekeväisyysprojektiin. Projekti huipentuu kesäkuussa pyöräilymatkaan Pariisiin Tour De France maaliportille. 1200 kilometrin pyöräilymatkalla kerätään rahaa syöpäsairaille lapsille ja heidän hyväksi tehtävään tutkimustyöhön. Team Rynkebyn yksi kunnianhimoinen pyöräilijä on Celltechin värejä kantava Niklas Heikkilä. Heikkilä treenaa alkuvuoden muiden tiimiläisten kanssa, eivätkä [...]

Versatile solutions

Our customers' needs are different - so are our solutions. Our extensive product range covers batteries from button cells and battery packs to large industrial battery solutions. We will always offer a solution that best supports our client's business. If necessary, the solution can be fully customized to our customers' needs. Plenty of solutions for different needs

Celltech in Finland for 30 years

With 30 years of experience, Celltech is Finland's leading wholesale supplier of battery and power supply solutions. Our technical know-how is based on our global partner network and our own product development. For us, quality always means better customer service. Read more about Celltech

Representing best brands

We represent about 30 battery manufacturers in Finland. We only work with suppliers with high quality standards for both their products and their operations. It is important for us to work with our partners on a long-term basis to ensure our customers can rely on a stable supply chain and a global network of experts. Celltech's product range

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