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Carefully designed packaging

Batteries have specific requirements for packaging. We offer several types of packaging designed for different needs, enabling fast, and flexible operations. It is in everyone’s interest—and not least the environment’s—to avoid unnecessary packing and unpacking at different stages of production. If necessary, we also design product-specific packaging optimised exactly for the customer’s process.

Certified logistics and versatile logistics services

We offer our customers global IATA DG-certified logistics. If necessary, we can rearrange the packaging and documentation. We can also organise buffer storage services with inventory procedures and ERP system integration. We carry out our transport according to FIFO principles.
In addition to transporting batteries, we also deliver spare parts. In all transports, of course, we strictly follow all battery transport regulations.

The local warehouse enables fast and efficient deliveries

In connection with our offices in Espoo, there is a modern warehouse that is completely under our control. Our modern warehouse concept makes operations more efficient and ensures good customer service. Thanks to our local warehouse, we are able to offer fast delivery times and efficient inventory management.