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Definition & Evaluation

Precisely Defining Customer’s Needs

Celltech is dedicated to providing optimal battery, energy storage, and power supply solutions. In order to achieve this, we carefully determine the customer’s requirements and our suitability as a supplier. Before proposing a solution, we inquire about the purpose of the solution, the annual order/production quantities, and the timeline for bringing the product to market.

Understanding the Customer’s Requirements

We also strive to understand the critical features and functionalities required from the battery, energy storage or power supply, the scope of delivery, and the intended lifespan of the solution. It is important to comprehend the requirements related to connection and charging technology.

The Importance of the Definition Phase

The definition phase is crucial, as it enables us to understand the specifics of the business need. This understanding is essential in order for us to offer the appropriate solution that meets the customer’s needs. This is also critical to a successful bidding process.