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Celltech – 40 years experience

Celltech is among the leading battery, energy storage and power solution suppliers in Finland. We have been in the business for 40 years. Our skilled staff are highly experienced, possessing versatile skills to handle the requirements of our customers. We are a part of  Celltech Group.

Our story in Finland

Celltech’s roots date back to 1989. Engineer Matti Öhman and Hannu Hietala established Insmat Oy after finding out that there was demand for different types of battery packs. With the rise of cellular phones in the 1990s, the company’s operations took off. At that time, the company began including cellular phone batteries and accessories in the product range.

For 40 years, the desire to develop and improve has transformed a small, local business into an international operator that has offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, China and the UK. Our customer base has expended from the Nordic countries to cover the entire world.

Celltech is owned by the Stockholm Stock Exchange-listed Addtech AB; Addtech’s history dates back over a century. Addtech supports Celltech by providing expanded production capacity and partners in Bulgaria, China, Finland and Germany. Together with our affiliates we are the clear market leader and largest operator in the Nordic countries.

Celltech Oy Espoo
Celltech Historia

Celltech’s history in a nutshell

1989 – Insmat Oy established in Helsinki
1998 – Insmat Oy acquired by listed company Bergman&Beving Ab
2001 – Addtech Ab leaves the Bergman&Beving group
2006 – Insmat Oy acquires Akkuvoima Oy’s business operations
2007 – 1.4. Insmat Akkuvoima Oy is created from Insmat Oy’s industrial department
2009 – the name is shortened to Akkuvoima Oy
2010 – Addtech Ab acquires Hansabattery Oy
2013 – Hansabattery merges with Akkuvoima
2014 – the company’s name unified with the Group’s other companies under the name Celltech
2018 – New office in Espoo Sinimäki
2024 – New office in Espoo Koskelo

Competitive solutions

We specialise in the design and implementation of battery solutions. Our extensive range of products cover batteries, from button cells and battery packs to large industrial size accumulators and power supply systems.

We have an extensive partner network that has been created over the years. The partners we choose represent the absolute best technical expertise in their respective fields on their products and in their production. Therefore, we can provide our customers with value-added, high-quality, and competitive total solutions with efficient logistics.

In addition to the Nordic region, our main market area also includes the Baltic countries. Our organisation in Finland consists of 15 employees and a sales office located in Koskelo, Espoo.

It is important for us to establish a good and long-lasting relationship with both our customers and our suppliers. We believe that this is the core element of achieving the best possible results.

Kilpailukykyiset Ratkaisut

Celltech Oy – in Finland

Owner: Addtech AB
Founded: 1989
Employees: 15 (2024)
Certifications: ISO 9001

We add value

Addtech is a Swedish publicly listed technology trading group. The business comprises about 130 independent companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers chiefly in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in around 20 countries. Addtech creates optimal conditions for the profitability and growth of subsidiaries.