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Celltech is Finland’s leading designer and manufacturer of battery systems and an importer of special batteries. Together with Nordic sister companies, Celltech Group is the largest player in the field in the Nordic countries. Celltech Group is a part of the Swedish technology group, Addtech AB.

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Celltech Group is a global supplier of battery solutions and a battery manufacturer with operations in nine countries, four product development and production facilities and approximately four hundred employees. Celltech Group’s mission is to enable electrification in various industries in the safest and most sustainable way.

With the support of our extensive partner network built for 40 years, we offer value-added, high-quality and competitive battery solutions. Our operation is based on the Celltech Lifecycle circular economy model, which considers customer need at every stage of the battery’s life cycle.

We supply several industries with batteries, battery packs and battery systems as well as power supply systems and energy storages. Read more about our products.

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